The Ultimate Fighting Academy (UFA) offers the best Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) program and gym in the state of Michigan. Our MMA class is a mixture of ground tactics and stand up. Our MMA classes include intense gym training in Muay Thai, boxing, wrestling, Sambo, and BJJ. We use a variety of strikes with the hands, feet (legs), elbow, and knees against an opponent. This is a high intensity MMA class for those interested in fighting, self-defense, or to just get back into shape.


Train at the best MMA gym in Michigan alongside our Golden Glove Boxer, Sombo Black Belt, Professor Caique trained BJJ instructor and Professional MMA fighters.


Boxing has many different strategies and in MMA is known as the stand-up game. 


BJJ has emerged as a must have ground skill to compete in any mixed martial arts event at any level. A self defense skill that uses a variety of joint locks and chokes through leverage.


Muay Thai is the most popular spectator sport in Thailand and has been part of the Thai culture for centuries. Originally Muay Thai was used for close-combat battlefield fighting and has been in practice for more than 500 years. Muay Thai is powerful self defense discipline that utilizes punches, elbows, kicks, and knees in a force of striking power. While BJJ might be the fastest growing Martial Arts, Muay Thai is certainly right behind BJJ is popularity for MMA fighters and MMA gyms.


Sambo was invented in Soviet Union and is similar to Judo and Jujutsu but incorporates traditional Russian wrestling techniques. The name “Sambo” is derived from an acronym in Russian meaning “combat without weapons.” Sambo is now a sanctioned sport by the Soviet Union and is one of four forms of wrestling practiced in international competitions.


Wrestling Defending a take down or taking your opponent to the ground a strong wrestling background is an important element to you mixed martial arts skills.


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